Bordados Distintivos

Fashion and home custom embroidery

Custom Embroidery

Bordados Distintivos embroidery services include the creation of fashion embroidery samples for industrial embroidery factories customers. Within this framework, an experienced team of embroidery professionals are here to serve you in all phases of the embroidered textile production process.

  • Memorabilia embroidery for events, groups, reunions
  • Appliques and custom embroidery for wedding and communion gowns
  • Personalized embroidery for gifts and specialty items
  • Industrial embroidery samples for design swatches and panels
custom embroidery
Designer embroidery

Our embroidery designers use their art and skill to create your exclusive embroidery design.

A distinctive and beautiful embroidery can be elaborated through a perceptive choice of colors, threads and stitches. Custom design is our specialty.

If you are thinking of having custom embroideries done o would like embroidery design samples made, don't hesitate to contact us to get an estimate.